Career Counseling

With a large population and career-oriented growing middle class, Iqwa Global operates a career counseling business which is a service-oriented business that processes guidance, support and suggestions to individuals in order to make informed and right decisions to reach their career goals. We help the candidates to evaluate their skills, educational and other qualifications, moral grounds, strengths to find out suitable career goals and develop strategies to reach their goals. If someone wants to build up their career outside of Bangladesh, Iqwa Global helps them to do so by assisting individuals in exploring and preparing for international job markets, cultural adaptation and understanding the requirements of working in different countries, especially in Japan.




Study abroad business

Iqwa Global facilitates the process of studying in international institutions by providing comprehensive supports, guidance and services for those who want to have higher studies abroad. We encourage students of engineering and science backgrounds to have higher studies abroad. We also facilitate admission into Japanese learning school in Japan.



Our company also facilitates online Japanese learning. It aims to obtain language proficiency up to N5 level.

The course offers one teacher for one student.

Entrance of the Education: 20 classes 20 hours.

Course fee: BDT 20,000 (Twenty thousand taka only)