Welcome to the Iqwa Global Limited!

In Bangladesh, Iqwa Global Ltd was established in 2020 when Bangladesh was terribly affected by Covid-19 and the people of Bangladesh were passing hard time due to prolonged lock down aiming to contribute to the Socio-economic Development of Bangladesh by sharing five percent of profits with the marginalized people of Bangladesh and creating working opportunities for those who lost their jobs after Coronavirus epidemic.

The Company’s moto is not only to do successful business; rather it aims to make a large number of young individuals’ self-dependent who will also contribute to the Socio-economic condition of Bangladesh in a larger scale.

We believe if an individual can stand on his or her own heel, she/he can save a family.

A family can save a group of families; thus several groups of families can save the whole nation. We always look forward to the golden future.



Iqwaglobalは、バングラデシュがコロナウイルスによる悪影響を受け、国民が長期化するロックダウンによって苦しむ中、2020年に設立されました。設立の目的は、バングラデシュで社会的に取り残されていてる人々に対し利益の5パーセントを使い、また、コロナ禍により失業した 人々のために雇用機会を創出することで、バングラデシュの社会経済の発展に貢献することです。